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In partnership with NEA

The advent of the Common Core has heaped new pressures and concerns onto teachers' overstuffed plates, bringing educators everywhere close to the toppling point! BetterLesson and the NEA have teamed up to help. This summer, we partnered to create the NEA Master Teacher Project, a revolutionary effort to highlight and share the best teaching practices around the Common Core. Our new product, is designed to showcase the results of this audacious effort.

This project brings together 130+ brilliant, creative teachers in grades K-12 math and ELA. These talented (not to mention hardworking) folks are sharing lessons as they teach them everyday! And these aren't just the normal lessons; they're super accessible and classroom-ready. Our MTs even share reflections, real-life insight into what worked, what misfired and tips/tricks to successful Common Core implementation. This treasure trove of Common Core knowledge is growing every day. To make this all come together in a palatable way, we figured we'd better build a new website. So we did. We built it entirely for the Common Core. Well, we built it for you really. So come check it out!

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master teacher jason
“It's about time that online collaboration go beyond searching through many different teachers' web pages for individual lesson resources. The result is a scattered, piecemeal curriculum lacking in coherence. I am especially excited to work with BetterLesson and the Master Teacher Project to create a one-stop platform for coherent professional development and collaboration about best practices.”
“The Master Teacher Project is an amazing project that has the potential to drastically improve math instruction for students across the country by unifying great teachers and resources. I'm incredibly excited to be a part of a program that has a direct impact on student achievement.”
master teacher noelani
introducing the Master Teacher Project
master teacher melody
“I believe the best professional development comes directly from a classroom. I am thrilled to participate in a project that allows teacher leaders to share their knowledge and experience on a national level, and I am equally excited to learn and grow from other teachers so that I can provide the highest quality instruction for students using the Common Core State Standards.”
master teacher julie
“Educators finally have a professional learning community that is convenient, supportive, and comprehensive.”
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