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Course Description

This is a 5th grade ELA classroom in which both writing and reading skills are taught. Students range in reading levels from K to 6th grade and the language acquisition ranges from beginning to advanced. Reader's and writer's workshop is used.

Units and Lessons

Quarter 3 Lesson Plans Resources: 35

Unit 1: Building a Reader's and Writer's Life Resources: 72

This unit is the launching unit for Reader's Workshop and Writer's Workshop. It introduces procedures for checking out books, using the class library, and accountable talk. Additionally, it introduces new readers to be active thinkers when reading while introducing basic strategies to use when reading fiction or non-fiction. The unit will teach students to find text evidence to support their thoughts. They will use text evidence orally during accountable talk and in written form. It also is the beginning of the Close Reading lessons in which diction, connotation, denotation, and writing about diction is introduced. Students will begin learning and practicing the process to make meaning of a text by using diction. For writing workshop, students will learn strategies to fill their notebook with seed ideas and will begin drafting. Additionally,students will review two basic parts of speech: nouns and verbs.

Unit 2: First Level of Close Reading in Non-fiction Prose Resources: 29

This unit functions as the building block for diving deep into non-fiction texts. Students are exposed to multiple text features and learn to use them to build meaning while reading. They learn strategies for determining importance and use the bullet and box method to identify the main and supporting details. Additionally, students summarize the key points of a non-fiction text in their readers response letters. Students continue to practice close reading of texts by analyzing diction, connotation, and repetition in order to build meaning in a literary non-fiction text and analyze a shift in attitude in the speaker. Students will be exposed to a variety of non-fiction prose such as speeches, literary non-fiction, biographies, and informational texts.

Unit 3: First Level of Close Reading in Fiction Prose

This unit functions as the building block for diving deep into fiction texts. Students will be identifying plot elements and identifying shifts in characters and shifts in settings. Additionally, students will begin noticing the effect of imagery to set up the exposition. Some students will begin identifying literary devices such as simile, metaphor, personification and determine how the author uses literary devices to enrich the text. Students will identify character motivation, character dialogue, character inner dialogue, and character action to recognize shifts in the character behavior from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. Students will continue to use text evidence to demonstrate where they found their answer and write reader response letters to demonstrate their understanding of a text. In the Close Reading Sequence for this unit, students will be analyzing diction and character relationships to answers a literary analysis prompt about theme.

Unit 4: Poetry and Drama

This unit will expose students to fiction and non-fiction examples of poetry and drama. This unit will be a basic introduction to Drama; specifically, the features of drama such as stage directions, characters, actor directions. Students will be exposed to the multiple literary devices and begin identifying them in poetry.

Unit 5: Diving Deep into Non-fiction and Fiction Texts

In this unit students will begin higher level Bloom's thinking in both fiction and non-fiction texts. Students will learn author's purpose and begin using diction and repetition to help arrive at the author's purpose. Students will learn to summarize an argument and use text evidence to take make an assertion and support it. In fiction, students will be identifying the theme by analyzing diction, imagery, repetition, motifs, character development, and plot development. Students will be identifying character traits to recognize shifts in character development. Additionally, students will be working across the genres to compare and contrast texts.

Unit 6: STAAR Prep

In this unit we will be reviewing for the 5th grade STAAR test. We will learn testing strategies as well as apply reading strategies we have been learning all year long to make meaning of a testing passage.

STAAR Testing Week 5th and 8th

Unit 7: Writing a Personal Narrative

In this unit students will learn how to write a personal narrative for the 7th grade writing STAAR. Students will learn how to write a small moment that uses imagery, dialogue, figurative langauge, internal thinking, and include plot elements in 26 lines. We will learn about strong hooks, showing rather than telling strategies, focusing on the heart of the story, and messaging a lesson learned. Students will use the writing cycle to revise and edit multiple times.

Unit: Community of Learners Resources: 2

This unit focuses completely on sharing ideas about books with other readers. In this unit students will learn to write letter responses to each other and the teacher to demonstrate their thinking while reading. The letters will include text evidence. Students will response to each others letters by drawing comparisons to their own text and asking follow up questions to get the person to think deeper about the text. The students will continue to use accountable talk during discussion and learn to actively listen to ask probing questions. Additionally, students will form book circles to recommend books to each other (booktalks) and discuss their books.

SPED Modified Curriculum Resources: 1

This folder will contain the modified materials and unit plans for my SPED students.

Pictures Resources: 14

This folder will contain pictures of teacher books I have found useful for workshop and pictures of anchor charts I have up in my room.

Tutorials Resources: 1


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