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This course introduces the skills of close-reading and analysis across genres and the well-developed paragraph. Grammar instruction is explicitly taught and integrated into the writing process of the paragraph. ENG I students will work on the well-developed paragraph all year, beginning with expository paragraphs that are 6-7 sentences, 130-150 words and ending the year with 7-9 sentence, 150-185 word expository paragraphs. In this way, the teacher can more effectively instruct students in the distinct, language functions of the basic building block of writing, quickly scoring and returning student writing for revision. In turn, students learn how to use a variety of sentence structures that improve meaning, clarity, and sophistication. This course relies heavily on the work of Don Killgallon, Michael Degen, Harry Noden, and Laying the Foundation.

Units and Lessons

UNIT I: The Descriptive Paragraph Resources: 107

This unit introduces the skills for extending the elaboration of an idea with concrete and singular detail. Editing symbols are introduced and used by both teacher and students in revising and editing writing. This unit also introduces the year-long practical integration of grammar in the writing process—with an emphasis on the adverb subordinate clause, the present participial phrase, conjunctions, conjunctive adverbs, and the semicolon.

Unit 2: The Short Story Resources: 62

Fundamental concepts of critical reading are introduced through studying the short story beginning with three ancient stories giving students leverage in recognizing allusions in literature: the biblical creation, Faust, and Aladdin and the magic lamp. Students are instructed on determining a text’s theme and then citing strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis through class discussions and written responses. Content-specific language of foundational literary elements (theme, plot and structure, characterization, setting, symbolism, point of view, style, tone, and irony) is introduced and used to analyze the works of authors from a diverse range of time periods and ethnic backgrounds.

Unit 3: Speak (the novel) Resources: 39

Unit 4: Reading and Writing Expository Text Resources: 34


Course Resources

ENG I and Pre-AP Resources and Plans Unit Plan
ENG I Scope and Sequence.pdf  
OER rubric.docx  


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